Who We Are

The following key points express what we believe and who we are -

We agree that 

(1) "Salvation is simple in nature, wonderful in scope, and dynamic in application. The firm foundation of our redemption is based on bedrock truths which frame the content of the gospel of God." 

(2) "Christian growth depends upon a dynamically operative faith, and an essential ingredient for growing in Christ is a clear understanding of the truth which supports this faith."

        -- Quoted from THE GOSPEL OF GOD written by Watchman Nee (1903-1972)

Historical Timeline

Pursuing the Full Knowledge of Christ

    The saints (mainly Spanish speakers) began to meet in homes through the shepherding of the Church in Fresno in 1985. In 1995, more English-speaking saints moved to Merced and expanded the Church community.  After the establishment of UC Merced (2005), more believers were gained

Since 1985, our church meetings have expanded to include regular church meetings on the Lord's Day, small group Bible Studies in homes during the week, on campus Bible Studies at UC Merced and Merced College, College Students and Young Working Saints' meetings in homes and our young people joining the Sixth Graders' Conference, the Bible Camp, the Central Valley or the Bay Area Summer School of Truth, the High Schoolers' Conferences. Our college students have participated in the Spring/Fall College Students Conferences, and the Summer College Trainings.

Press On